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How much is “too much” in self-tanning?

spray tanned womanAs we approach the summer season and thoughts of laying on the beach come to mind, I’m sure many women are thinking that they’re going to look a dreadful shade of white for the first few days on the beach.

Hence, of course, the rising number of tanning salons around these days. However, the problem with them is that they can be quite expensive and there’s the cancer risk as well from the high intensity tanning lamps. Thus, there’s a corresponding rise in the use of self-tanning products.

Whilst tanning salons basically speed up your natural tanning (albeit with more intense ultra-violet lamps), self-tanning is basically a dye. And, as with hair dyes, you can have a range from barely glowing through to “oompa loompa”. Sadly, it would appear that way too many women just don’t know how to use these products (and it’s nearly always women) and therefore end up with quite the quite ridiculous oompa loompa look.

Make sure you’re not one of the oompa loompas by testing the self-tanning product on a small proportion of your skin that’s not normally visible before you paste it on all over yourself.


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Tattooed or plain?

sexy tattooed babe on beach wearing bikiniOn the whole tattoos have received quite a bad press over the years. Think of a woman with a tattoo and the image that pops into the heads of many people is not a good one. The larger the chunk of skin that’s tattooed, the worse that image gets, doesn’t it?

That’s all in the abstract though. Despite having quite a large area of skin covered in tattoos she’s pretty hot looking, isn’t she?

The main thing to remember with tattoos is that they are essentially permanent. Thus it’s best to steer clear of names, regardless of how attached you may be to the person at the moment.

Also, there’s the bad girl image to consider. On the whole that’s generally applied to girls with large chunks of flesh sporting tattoos though so don’t worry about small tattoos or those that are in areas only seen by intimate acquaintances.

In terms of design, it’s probably best to forget about the latest fashion in that you’re going to have it decades later by which time ideas will almost certainly have changed. Again, this isn’t going to be a major issue for small or normally hidden tattoos but is something to think about if you’re moving into large scale images as the young lady has here.

As always you can change the accent by choosing different clothes. For instance, the image portrayed by the girl here would be quite different were she wearing a one-piece in that there could be the implication that much more skin was decorated than there actually is. With the bikini pretty much everything is on display so that’s a non-issue.

It’s worth considering work situations too. Some places simply won’t employ you with large scale visible tattoos. That’s the case with guys too although small or not openly visible ones are generally fine in both situations.


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Adding a bit of spice to your daily routine

hot girl taking a showerWhen you’ve been in a relationship for a while the initial dating aspect can disappear if you don’t make a point of keeping it alive.

Ensuring that you do keep dating is obviously an important aspect of that but don’t neglect the smaller things as well.

Make sure you invite your man into the shower now and again. Yeah, it’s a hassle sometimes, but wouldn’t you rather that he had that image of you in the shower during the day?

Don’t slip off into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Give him a little striptease instead.

And I’m sure you can think of a whole bunch of other little things to keep his mind on you :)

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The attraction of women to chocolate

sexy woman covered in chocolateThese days a lot of it is to do with the marketing by the chocolate companies, hence the mass of those little heart shaped chocolates that you will have seen around Valentine’s Day.

However, there are also chemical reasons behind the attraction of chocolate. It’s a sweet and we are all attracted to sugary things for a start. However, it also contains triggers for your endorphins (the “feel good” chemicals) which other sweets don’t. Finally, specifically for the women it contains phenylethylamine which is related to chemicals peaking during orgasm.

Despite all that, in reality it’s the massive promotional effort on the part of the chocolate companies which is the main driving force in shifting the mountain of chocolates that are in the shops these days.

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Brazilian, bikini or no waxing?

woman with brazilian waxThe first decision is to wax or not to wax?

Plus points are that guys prefer it if they’re going down on you, it’s cooler in the summer and there’s the hygiene angle too. On the downside is the pain involved, embarrassment and prickly feeling afterwards.

If you decide on it, the choices range from bikini (basically removing hair that would poke out from your bikini so there are normal and string bikini versions), Candibox (a custom design), variations on Brazilian (removing all but a thin strip of hair) and Hollywood (all hair is removed). Aside from the normal bikini, hair is removed from both front and back.

When deciding on where to go to have this done, ask around rather than just plumping for the first place you see. Once you’ve decided on a place, make sure that your hair is between 1/4 and 1/2 inch (too short and the wax won’t catch, too long and you’re looking at serious pain: trim beforehand if needbe). It’s a good idea to apply a numbing cream and take a painkiller before your appointment. If it’s your first time, there’s no avoiding the feeling of embarrassment as obviously the technician will need the vital areas uncovered. Finally, don’t forget to apply the lotion that you’ll be given after your treatment.

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