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Adding a bit of spice to your daily routine

hot girl taking a showerWhen you’ve been in a relationship for a while the initial dating aspect can disappear if you don’t make a point of keeping it alive.

Ensuring that you do keep dating is obviously an important aspect of that but don’t neglect the smaller things as well.

Make sure you invite your man into the shower now and again. Yeah, it’s a hassle sometimes, but wouldn’t you rather that he had that image of you in the shower during the day?

Don’t slip off into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Give him a little striptease instead.

And I’m sure you can think of a whole bunch of other little things to keep his mind on you :)

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Does it matter if your stockings or pantyhose don’t match the rest of your lingerie?

woman wearing blue stockings and black lingerieThere’s an argument that it doesn’t really matter because few people will see that they don’t match and those that do will neither care nor even notice anyway.

That’s true to some extent if you’re in a long term relationship. Or rather, it will seem like he neither notice nor care about such things. In a lot of cases though he’ll miss the days when you did put the effort in.

Of course, on a date, it’s a different matter. Depending on what you’re wearing over the lingerie, he might well catch glimpses of what you’re wearing underneath and, if things go well…

Well, if things go well, again it’ll seem like he neither notices nor cares. Whilst he’ll probably not notice if you do put that little bit of extra effort in, would you really want him to come away remembering you as the “blue stocking lady”? And, of course, there are all the mixed messages if you’ve combinations of, say, red and white or lace and PVC or something else that leaves a confusing image of who you are in his mind.

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Shiny winter clothes to brighten up the dark days

sexy woman wearing shiny jacketIn years gone by, winter months saw the disappearance of bright Summer clothing and the arrival of drab Autumn and Winter clothing in its place.

This year there’s a more pleasing trend towards shiny jackets in a range of colours and styles. The one in the photo is quite expensive but similar clothing is available from a range of outlets and you’ve a decent chance of picking up a bargain at the moment as we’re (hopefully) nearing the end of the cold weather.

Team it up with some sensibly warm leggings and you can get quite an attractive every day outfit that’s practical as well.

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Dressing up in cold weather clothing Russian style

woman lying on snowYou might think that you know what cold weather clothing is like but you need to throw out all those ideas if you intend to go to somewhere where it gets really cold.

Many people would consider it cold when it gets below zero but just blithely assume that they can just add a sweater to keep off the cold and perhaps get out some thermal underwear if it’s a little colder than that. Sounds good but in places like Moscow where it gets really cold naturally the offices and whatnot are heated so unless you’re intending to take a set of indoor clothing with you then you need one layer for outside and normal indoor clothing beneath that. There’s also the small problem that normal metal zips freeze up when it gets really cold ie your normal anorak isn’t going to cut it, regardless of what you wear beneath it.

It’ll probably not affect you directly but it’s also worth bearing in mind that other normal “cold” weather things that you’re used to don’t work either when it goes much below around -10C. For instance, the usual road salt only works properly down to around -10C to -15C (there are a lot of factors affecting its effectiveness). Likewise, the normal deicer that you use is only effective down to around -10C and the standard antifreeze isn’t any better.

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Archaeology isn’t too bad after all

The archaeology course is very heavy going when they drop into a “X begat Y, Y begat Z” style of writing.

That style seems to merely list a whole series of archaeological sites just for the sake of it rather than to further the argument. Fortunately it’s only happened a couple of times in the course so far and the rest of it is remarkably readable. Just as well really as there’s a lot of reading to be done.

It must be sinking in a little bit anyway as the mark for the first assignment was surprisingly good considering that I’ve not done a subject like this for decades.

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