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Do you buy winter tires or just drive carefully?

The problem with the icy weather here is that by the time you’ve thought that maybe it would have been a good idea to get winter tires, it’s all over.

Well, usually it is anyway. This time around it’s started a whole lot earlier than normal and looks like it’s going to be here for a while.

The question now is: can you actually buy winter tires here at all? I think the answer is “no” though I suspect a few people will be looking around for them given the slipping and sliding around of cars on even quite major roads last night.

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A fairly empty shopping centre at Christmas

You’d think that at this time of year it would be wall to wall people in every shopping centre, wouldn’t you?

Well, for a change we went to a shopping centre that we’d often driven by but never actually went into. A few years back it was rumoured to be the one with the lowest prices around and now we can see why. It’s not that it’s run down or anything like that and in fact it’s actually one of the best looking shopping centres that I’ve seen. The reason for the low prices is obvious when you walk around: even just a few weeks before Christmas it’s pretty much empty.

Quite why it’s nearly empty is a mystery as it’s on a route that massive numbers of people go by every day. It’s got a very good selection of shops and, as I say, the prices are generally very good. Parking is fine (excellent given the number of shoppers).

Oh well, I guess we may as well enjoy it while it remains largely undiscovered.

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Grabbing a good, short domain while they’re still there

If I’d been really on the ball a few years back I’d have nabbed one of the two or three letter domain names but they’re pretty much all gone and, for the most part, it’s only the four letter ones that remain and not too many sensible ones of those either.

However, there are some eg I picked up a year or so back for use as a test domain. Similarly, there are other sensible names around corresponding largely to various tiny countries eg .me (Macedonia) is a handy personal one (.name is difficult to register and hence rarely used), .tv (Tuvalu) gets a lot of use by broadcasting companies (hence it’s quite expensive), .it (Italy) is handy for things like .

If you can get a suitable short dot com, grab it as it’s going to be more familiar than the oddballs like, say, .me. Also, some of the hosting companies don’t properly support some eg I can’t currently use my .me on Hostgator.

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Why is there no junk mail when you’d like some?

Over the weekend I really upped the ante with the junk mail killers by moving my central mailbox and adding both SpamAssassin and BoxTrapper to it.

I did that because, even with my tidying up over the last week or two I was still getting far more junk mail than I wanted. So it seemed like it would be easy to test the new setup.

Naturally, I’ve hardly a drop of junk mail arriving to test the new setup! Oh well, I guess it will turn up over the rest of the week.

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Gee don’t some kids cry a lot?

crying womanThings were going really well with the football coaching yesterday afternoon as with it being the week for the “FA Cup” the kids were all taking it really seriously.

One of the best players was a beefy kid who was unusual in being good both as a player and as a keeper. It was no surprise that his team were in the final two for the playoff.

And then it went to pieces. In a very fast paced match, the first goalkeeper let in four goals in a row and we saw the beefy kid first lie down on the floor then head off for his parents on the touch-line where the tears and wailing started. And kept going and then went on some more. In fact, he ended up wailing right through the rest of the match whilst another three goals were let in.

OK, not such a good game for his team, but the wailing seemed way over the top.

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