If you have a reasonably sharp eye, you may have noticed that I’ve been writing some sponsored posts on this blog.

Whilst sometimes it’ll be clear that a post is sponsored, sometimes it won’t. In theory, I won’t let the money paid influence what I say and for sure I’ll not be saying anything that I disagree with however it has and will influence the topics on which I write here.

Frankly, the money that’s been on offer so far is way, way below what would be required to influence the content of what I said and indeed I’ve said that I don’t like some of the products of the people paying the money now and again. In reality, I’d be unlikely to write a post on something that I just hated no matter how much money was on offer so, yes, the paid posts will generally be positive. That positive tone is from the selection of the topic, not from the influence that any money paid might have.

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