What should you do on a first date?

scared womanTypically the suggestions will basically boil down to dinner and a movie or something along those lines.

Other alternatives can come to mind if you’ve met via some activity. So, for example if you’ve come in contact through exercise classes perhaps a short cycling tour around the area might be suggested.

In fact, if the guy likes you a lot and is really clever what he should suggest is something that scares you a little. No so much that you won’t go at all obviously, but rather something that makes you distinctly nervous (about the activity, not about the guy obviously). This is because it will make you feel that he is more attractive. Sounds crazy, I know, but it’s been tested out by psychologists and it does work.

So, if your potential date suggests some activity that frightens you a little, now you know why he’s thought of it.

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Self-maintenance for a date

hot woman having a bathYou’ve thought about your make-up, chosen the underwear, picked out the shoes and have a nice dress lined up so next up is your personal maintenance.

There are a number of aspects to this obviously:

  1. Guys expect guys to be smooth so that means shaving your legs and arm pits. Waxing is even better and lasts longer.
  2. Wash your hair for those times when he’s running his hands through it.
  3. Have a bath or shower so you smell fresh.
  4. Think about perfume. Light rather than heavy duty is the way to go. Don’t forget that really laying on the perfume can be very off-putting: better to aim for that fresh smelling scent than perfume by the gallon.
  5. Clean your teeth and think about a mint to freshen up your breath.

And that’s about it. All minor points but neglecting any one of them can be off-putting on a date.

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Underwear for a first date

hot woman wearing bra, panties and stockingsUnless you’re planning on taking him to bed, you probably figure that the lingerie you wear doesn’t really matter.

Not so. There will be aspects of your underwear that he will notice. If you’re wearing a skirt or dress, he’ll see whether or not you’re wearing stockings or tights/pantyhose. If the skirt is short enough, he’ll know if you’re wearing stockings and if it’s that short, wear stockings rather than tights.

If your skirt, dress, trousers or leggings are tight enough then he’ll probably see an outline of the panties you’re wearing and if that’s the case forget about comfy ones and go for a thong or nothing at all. He definitely won’t want to think of you as a girl who wears granny knickers.

Depending on what you’re wearing on top he might see an outline of your bra so make it an outline that he’ll like. If you don’t have a whole lot up top, consider one of the push up bras, if you’ve heaps up there, go for something that tones it down a bit.

Aside from anything else, if you’re wearing something sexy underneath, it’ll make you feel a little more sexy yourself and that’s always a good thing on a date.

And if you are thinking that he might see it later, ramp up the sexiness of the underwear and don’t forget that it’s sexier to have sex whilst you’re still wearing your lingerie. So, stockings rather than tights and put the panties on last so that you can keep the stockings on (unless you go for an open-crotch style). For a really sexy look, go for suspender belt stockings rather than the hold-up style.

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What to wear on your feet for a first date

woman showing leg and high heelsYou’ve basically got a choice between shoes and boots.

In both cases the only choice is as high a heel as you feel comfortable with for the simple reason that heels are going to make your legs look more shapely. If you’ve not worn heels before, don’t go overboard with the height: you’re just asking for trouble if you do that as they require a whole different way of walking which takes time to get used to. Want to learn how? Start with a small heel and work your way up from there, gradually moving from a wide heel to a narrow one as you go and allow for lots of practice. Don’t go directly from no heel to 4″ heels for your first date or you’re going to have to hold on to your date quite tightly for balance (he’ll not mind).

If you’ve gone for a relatively low key outfit generally, a pair of sexy thigh boots are one way to increase the sexiness of your overall look (the higher the heel, the sexier the look generally). Take your look the other way by going for something like ankle boots or lowering the heels. For shoes, tone down your outfit by lowering the heels or brightening the colour. For both shoes and boots higher shine materials make for a sexier look, lower shine fabrics lets you tone things down.

Forget about ugg boots and anything similar. Boots going above your ankle need to hug your leg.

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What to wear on a first date from the waist down

woman wearing PVC mini and rubber stockingsIf you’ve your make-up sorted and made sure that you’re not showing too much in the way of cleavage then all being well your date will be able to keep his eyes on your face during your date.

However, what about below the waist? Whatever you wear there won’t distract him visually whilst you talk over your meal but if you go too over the top you’ll find that his mind isn’t quite as concentrated on your conversation as you might like. So, whilst he might well have wet dreams of your PVC skirt and rubber stockings after the date, chances are that he’ll not ask you out again if you go too sexy below the waist.

As with your top half, you don’t want to be showing too much skin on your bottom half. That’s not to say that you can’t wear tight leggings (if you have the legs for them) and he’ll appreciate the view of your ass that they give. Pass up on the overly shiny stuff on the first date though: no PVC, rubber or metallic leggings. Aim for attractive rather than sexy.

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