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Girls in sexy wet clothes

No matter how sexy his girlfriend, partner or wife is, when there’s a girl wearing sexy wet clothes like this, a guy is going to look. Should that worry you? Not really. After all, he’s with you, isn’t he? Don’t be surprised if later he says that he’d like to see you in something like […]

Sexy clothes and frumpy women

One of the perennial problems that women have is that their significant other will see what he considers to be some really hot item of clothing and then expect his significant other to wear it too. The problem with this is that it’s very often a total disaster as guys, on the whole, have diddly […]

Why do people wear naff clothes when it rains?

There’s loads of sexy rain wear around these days, so why is it that we’re almost always faced with a truly dire selection of wet weather clothing? I suspect that it’s at least partly to do with us optimistically not wanting to think about rainy weather so nobody actually goes out shopping for something nice […]

What to wear on a first date from the waist down

If you’ve your make-up sorted and made sure that you’re not showing too much in the way of cleavage then all being well your date will be able to keep his eyes on your face during your date. However, what about below the waist? Whatever you wear there won’t distract him visually whilst you talk […]