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What to wear on your feet for a first date

You’ve basically got a choice between shoes and boots. In both cases the only choice is as high a heel as you feel comfortable with for the simple reason that heels are going to make your legs look more shapely. If you’ve not worn heels before, don’t go overboard with the height: you’re just asking […]

Why not vamp it up with some lipstick for Valentines’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day only a couple of weeks off, the thoughts of many will be tending towards sexy lingerie. No great problem there obviously, though now would be a good time to make sure that your man knows just what your measurements are if you want something that will be anywhere in the vicinity of […]

Russian weather, Russian clothing

Despite all the fancy new fabrics that have been produced over the years, it’s to the ancient standby of fur that we still seem to turn to when the weather gets really cold. OK, generally far from being as cold as it gets in Russia, but cold enough for people living in generally more sensible […]

Why is “Winter” clothing so impractical?

With such a massive selection of women’s boots in the shops, you’d think that it would be a doddle getting a pair that was both suitable for the Winter weather and which looked attractive. Given the parade that you see in the streets over the Winter these two apparently simple requirements seem to be mutually […]