Tattooed or plain?

sexy tattooed babe on beach wearing bikiniOn the whole tattoos have received quite a bad press over the years. Think of a woman with a tattoo and the image that pops into the heads of many people is not a good one. The larger the chunk of skin that’s tattooed, the worse that image gets, doesn’t it?

That’s all in the abstract though. Despite having quite a large area of skin covered in tattoos she’s pretty hot looking, isn’t she?

The main thing to remember with tattoos is that they are essentially permanent. Thus it’s best to steer clear of names, regardless of how attached you may be to the person at the moment.

Also, there’s the bad girl image to consider. On the whole that’s generally applied to girls with large chunks of flesh sporting tattoos though so don’t worry about small tattoos or those that are in areas only seen by intimate acquaintances.

In terms of design, it’s probably best to forget about the latest fashion in that you’re going to have it decades later by which time ideas will almost certainly have changed. Again, this isn’t going to be a major issue for small or normally hidden tattoos but is something to think about if you’re moving into large scale images as the young lady has here.

As always you can change the accent by choosing different clothes. For instance, the image portrayed by the girl here would be quite different were she wearing a one-piece in that there could be the implication that much more skin was decorated than there actually is. With the bikini pretty much everything is on display so that’s a non-issue.

It’s worth considering work situations too. Some places simply won’t employ you with large scale visible tattoos. That’s the case with guys too although small or not openly visible ones are generally fine in both situations.


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